María José Blum, from singing to acting and now dancing, in ‘I’m the best’: “I still don’t know how long I’m going to stay” | People | Entertainment

Two weeks after entering I’m the best (TC Television)and with the experience of his first dance round, María José Blum feels that things have gone better than she expectedand awaits his next turn on stage, this Monday, January 30, with the tropical pop genre. It is a challenge for her, who has been doing choreography … Read more

SINGING LE HAILLAN / MARC NAMMOUR & LOÏC LANTOINE The Warehouse The Warehouse Wednesday, June 7, 2023

SINGING LE HAILLAN / MARC NAMMOUR & LOÏC LANTOINE The Warehouse, June 7, 2023, Le Haillan. SINGING HAILLAN / MARC NAMMOUR & LOÏC LANTOINE Wednesday 7 June, 8.30 p.m. L’Entrepôt Song L’Entrepôt 13 rue Georges Clémenceau 33185 le Haillan Le Haillan 33185 Gironde Nouvelle-Aquitaine Accessible in 30 minutes from Place des Quinconces by Liane 3 … Read more

Fabio Fazio: «I met my wife at a school play. The mistake I made? Singing in Sanremo»

Of Roberta Scorrano The interview with Fabio Fazio: the conductor talks about himself. Love, interviews, the Pope and the relationship with Salvini Behind him is a blow-up of the Matterhorn. Why? Because the next peak I would like to reach. But I don’t know if at my age…. Just 58 years old. But I feel … Read more

Lunel: Art’titude, activities punctuated by dance, music and singing

Here is an association where the pleasure of creating, of being together and of sharing, is punctuated by musical notes sung, played and danced. With parents pushing the song on all occasions, Mickaël Tollis very quickly teased the keys of the piano to make music his profession. Intermittent of the show, he founded his association … Read more

National Anthem… Why is it forbidden to sing these verses and the fine for singing them?

We are in September, the month of the homeland and the Mexican national anthem It is one of the national symbols that gives us identity and national pride. In your time as a student you will remember when you sang the National Anthem every Monday in honor of the Flag in your school, an activity … Read more