Gers: in Auch, the students of the Salinis college at the school of social networks

the essential If they use them massively, college students know little about the functioning of social networks. Workshops are set up with the Toulouse association Synapses to boost the critical spirit of 5th grade students at the Auscitain college. In a room at the Salinis college, a dozen 5th graders are chatting casually with two … Read more

“The damage of the gift”: the Dioscuri Association launches a new format of cultural events to raise awareness among citizens on psychological and social discomfort

Cultural events focused on various aspects of psychological and social discomfort in the contemporary era, to raise awareness of citizens on current issues and phenomena. With this intention, the Dioscuri Association launches the format “Il Danno del Dono”, conferences/shows which in 2023 will be dedicated to the theme “The body of the contemporary – eating … Read more

What is it like to live in Varesotto? The social photograph of our territory presented by Confindustria

A detailed study on all aspects of life in the territory of our province. The event will be held on Monday 23 January, at 5 pm, in the Bussolati hall of the Liuc – Cattaneo University, in Piazza Soldini, 5, in Castellanza VARESE – What is the degree of medical assistance guaranteed to citizens? What … Read more


This Thursday will not look like a classic Thursday in schools in Issoire. Nursery and elementary schools, colleges and high schools will adapt their reception methods tomorrow, due toa participation that would be strong on the side of teaching and supervisory staff.“The movement will be fairly followed, according to the echoes that we have: it … Read more

“Imposing social and academic diversity to create a nation through school”

“The public service of education ensures the social mix of the public educated in educational establishments. » This declaration is not the result of a political programme, nor of a trade union demand or an association request. It is included in the first article of the Education Code. But in fact, social diversity has no … Read more

The province is at the forefront of the country with the new laws of Social Economy and Microcredit

“These facts once again position the province in a vanguard place in the country in terms of public policies in the Social Economy. In addition, we are one of the few provinces that has its own regulations on microcredits. The update of the Social Economy law that was sanctioned 10 years ago, will allow reaching … Read more

Kindergartens open until the end of July: a decision that denies the value of kindergarten and fuels social hatred towards teachers

The numerous letters and reflections written by the kindergarten teachers have not had any effect in the political world and even less in society. Indeed we could say that social hatred towards us has increased and is also supported by political action. ‘The dice now seem to be cast’, from 2024 the opening for eleven … Read more

Teachers on social media, their posts are very often read by school principals and sometimes with disciplinary consequences

It wouldn’t be the first time that a head teacher opens a disciplinary procedure against some teacher for his facebook posts, but the offending post must really have the details of disciplinary action and not be a legitimate opinion or the critical sense of a legitimate and free thought. Sometimes the posts made on social … Read more

What was the activity on social networks of the Las Palmas Bar Association? Discover this media monitoring

The monitoring of the media carried out on the activity that had Las Palmas Bar Association Throughout 2022, it shows great interaction on social networks. It reached a total of 2,985 mentions from 442 different authors. The truth is that the mentions graph almost always shows a minimum of 200 mentions per month. The entity … Read more