Miscellaneous – Suspecting a sexual assault on his son at school, he tries to take justice into his own hands

Since Tuesday January 24, 2023, a father whose son is educated in the middle section at the Saint-Denis-lès-Sens nursery school, has been protesting against the reinstatement of a versatile municipal agent whom he suspects of sexual assault. on her child. Panel in hand, he directly challenges the police, the town hall and the justice system, … Read more

Professor found dead at home by her son: an entire school in shock

AND’ dead suddenly the professor Rossella Verrienti64 years old, of Castromedian (Lecce), a life spent for the school and the human and educational care of his dear pupils. At the helm of the San Cesario-San Donato complex for about twelve years, the manager left an unfillable void in all those who … Read more

« J’aurais fait n’importe quoi pour attirer son attention »

Il était professeur de littérature française à l’Université libanaise de Tripoli, traducteur et critique au journal L’Orient Littéraire, grand écrivain et l’un des plus brillants intellectuels libanais. Elle est actrice, formée d’abord à l’Institut des études scéniques et audiovisuelles (Iesav) de l’Université Saint-Joseph (USJ), puis à l’école théâtrale de Roger Assaf, mais aussi auteure, interprète … Read more

Ovidio Guzmán: What was the prestigious school where the son of ‘El Chapo’ studied

Ovid Guzman Lopezarrested this Thursday by Mexican authorities in Sinaloa, is one of the most famous and wanted sons of the capo Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and cause of chaos, so Mexico Y USA They had been looking for him for years. His life of luxuries and freedoms ended after his capture. All kinds of … Read more

Le carnaval de Dunkerque fait son grand retour après la Covid

NEW YORK: Le grand écrivain Russell Banks, dont la littérature s’est attachée à dresser le portrait des plus humbles et des marginaux dans l’Amérique du XXe siècle, est mort samedi à 82 ans des suites d’un cancer. C’est une autre grande romancière américaine, Joyce Carol Oates, peintre elle aussi d’une société malade de sa violence et … Read more

Máximo Pradera: «Hay comunicadores de izquierdas que son muy coñazo»

Máximo Pradera (Madrid, 1958) tuvo un amigo de derechas. Están las naves en llamas más allá de Orión, los rayos-C cerca de la Puerta de Tannhäuser y el amigo de derechas de Máximo. Pradera es un madrileño de 64 años, altura considerable y voz honda, como de cardenal de la archidiócesis de Toledo. Él, en … Read more

Woman takes her son out of school to play Fortnite and now he gets a salary of $ 400,000

In recent years, video games have become an industry that produces multi-million dollar profits and thanks to this, some people have the opportunity to become professional gamers, who can earn a lot of prestige and money by being gamers Standouts on the competitive scene. That is the case of Benjy Fish, a young British man … Read more

Lando Buzzanca son who is Massimiliano’s mother

Lucia Peralta Buzzanca was Lando’s wife until her death, with whom she had two sons Massimiliano and Mario Massimiliano Buzzanca’s mother was Lucia Peralta and she was married to Lando Buzzanca for nearly 60 years until her death from a bad illness in 2010. Lando Buzzanca died yesterday at 87 years old due to the … Read more

Teenagers and criminals: the son of a rich businessman kills his entire family

Every year, several thousand minors are sentenced by the courts, sometimes for violent crimes. The show Teenagers and criminals looks back on some of these cases, to see on RMC Story. This case is known as “the slaughter of Louveciennes”. But behind this name hides a family drama. On the night of February 26 to … Read more

Léa Salamé: couple, France Inter, What era, salary, son, Twitter… Know everything

She is every morning on France Inter and at the head every Saturday evening of Quelle époque! on France 2. Closer tells you more about Léa Salamé. Léa Salamé: who is she in a relationship with? Lea Salame has been in a relationship with Raphaël Glucksmann since 2016. The essayist and politician has been a … Read more