María José Blum, from singing to acting and now dancing, in ‘I’m the best’: “I still don’t know how long I’m going to stay” | People | Entertainment

Two weeks after entering I’m the best (TC Television)and with the experience of his first dance round, María José Blum feels that things have gone better than she expectedand awaits his next turn on stage, this Monday, January 30, with the tropical pop genre. It is a challenge for her, who has been doing choreography … Read more

“Dead mouse in the school bathroom”, protests at Cannizzaro: many students stay at home

There is a rat emergency in some Palermo schools. There are numerous reports received PalermoToday who denounce the poor hygienic conditions in some institutes. At the Cannizzaro scientific high school, the protest of the parents of the via Generale Arimondi complex took place this morning, who decided not to let their children enter the classroom … Read more

Vesul. Will the Cirq’Escape circus school stay on the Pontarcher esplanade?

Upon its arrival on the Pontarcher esplanade at the beginning of July 2020, the Cirq’Escape circus school was offered by the Vesoul Agglomeration Community (CAV) the signing of a emphyteutic lease, with an investment of 150,000 euros, in return for a monthly rent of 150 euros. This contract is still not signed. However, the Cirq’evasion … Read more

Stay abroad for students: download example of the conversion table for European and non

It is important that students and families orienting themselves for a study path abroad are aware that participation in such experiences implies an involvement of the student’s cognitive, emotional and relational resources, reconfiguring values, identities, behaviors and learning in a optics that contributes to the development of transversal skills, in addition to the more specific … Read more

Young Yucatecan will stay in a European school

Gerardo Viana Torre, a fifth-semester Medicine student at the Anáhuac Mayab University, was selected to do a stay at the Human Sciences Studies Division of the European University of Rome, in Italy. The young man will work on research on the relationship between the functioning of the brain and the symptoms of addiction to social … Read more

Heat wave: stay at home or go to school? In departments on red alert, parents and schoolchildren are adapting to high heat

Victor is in CE2 in a school in Toulouse, and frankly being in class at the moment is not easy: “We’re actually hot and we can’t concentrate too much”explains the boy of 8 year. France is plunged into the furnace with a mercury which could reach records on Friday June 17, exceeding 40° C in … Read more