Behind Margot Robbie’s character in ‘Babylon’ there is a horrible story: the actress who lived on the street and was subjected to ‘electroshock’

Damien Chazelle directs this epic film about the end of silent movies in Hollywood and its chaotic world. Margot Robbie came to Babylon after Emma Stone had to leave the project. The role of her was very directed to tell the story of Clara Bowbut when Robbie embarked on the leading role, she ended up … Read more

Great success of the third edition of the Romatorsapienza Street Choir Festival

With a thrilling performance of two hundred small choristers in united choirs, the closure of the event GF – January 3, 2023 Two hundred little choristers on the stage of the RTS Street Choir Festival crown a dream come true, they have the task of closing the 2022 edition with a performance with choirs united … Read more

Romatorsapienza Street Choir Festival 2022 dedicated to the Telethon Foundation

SC – December 14, 2022 A kaleidoscope of values, built on an artistic system to tell the beauty of Choral art in a path that initially represents the experience of a school choir, then as an adult passionate about the pleasure of the amateur, and finally the passion that becomes a profession thanks to your … Read more

Street names in Barletta for Vittorio Grimaldi and Vittoria Titomanlio

«On Tuesday, December 13, two ceremonies will be held for as many dedications. The first is dedicated to the memory of Vittorio Grimaldi, a politician and journalist from Barletta, to whom the square behind the Palazzo di Città is dedicated, which will be called “Largo Vittorio Grimaldi”. The other naming of the street that connects … Read more

Romatorsapienza Street Choir Festival registration closed. 430 choristers participating

GF – November 22, 2022 Registration closed with the sold out of participating choral groups. Important numbers will characterize the 2022 edition of the RomaTorSapienza STREET CHOIR FESTIVAL organized by TS Ideas OdV in partnership with Federcori And Chorus Inside Lazio, e Sponsored by Town Hall V of Rome Capital. During the two days of … Read more

Do image rights apply in the same way at school or in the street? True from False Junior

Do we have exclusive image rights? Does it apply in all circumstances and are there exceptions? Do parents have the right to post photos of their children on social networks without their permission? What to do when his image rights are violated? The students of the Jules Ferry college, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois in Essonne, ask us … Read more

The Italian Association of Families and Victims of the Street clings to the family of Francesco Valdiserri

“Stop the road massacre and give justice to the survivors”, this is the mission of the Italian Association of Families and Victims of the Road which for years has been engaged on the competent institutional fronts to do everything possible to avoid tragedies such as the one two days ago that seen as a victim … Read more