Successful seduction operation for the IUT of Castres and the Isis engineering school

the essential This Saturday, January 28, the ISIS engineering school and the IUT of Castres opened their doors to future students on the Borde Basse campus. A successful operation for the two establishments which do not lack arguments to attract new students each year. Whether at the IUT (from 9 a.m.) or at the ISIS … Read more

Gender medicine, successful multi

Maria Beatrice Crisci -“Gender medicine. Precision medicine”. This was discussed yesterday afternoon in the council chamber of the Municipality of Caserta on the initiative of the Equal Opportunities Commission. The event sponsored byOrder of Doctors of Caserta and ofAIDM association, Association of Women Doctors section of Caserta, saw a strong participation. The President of the … Read more

Avatar 2, Top Gun 2… Which films were the most successful at the French box office in 2022?

Here is the Top 5 films with the most box office entries in France in 2022! Avatar The Way of the Water narrowly passed Top Gun Maverick, so far number 1 of the year. On December 31, 2022, the game is over! Avatar La Voie de l’eau managed, in 15 days, to win ahead of … Read more

Monte Patria performs successful closing balance in program 4 to 7 of SERNAMEG

This year, the program was carried out in 3 establishments: the Cerro Guayaquil School, the El Palqui basic school and the Alejandro Chelén Rojas school in Chañaral Alto. With an emotional ceremony, the team of the 4 to 7 program of the National Service for Women and Gender Equality presented the results of the execution … Read more

Successful Environmental Expo in Ushuaia

The Municipality of Ushuaia organized the fourth Environmental Expo, achieving important objectives and an important participation of representatives of schools, environmentalists and circular economy companies. USHUAIA.- With great participation from the community, representations of the city schools, environmental organizations and companies linked to recycling and the circular economy, the Expo-Environmental was held, which was organized … Read more

Students as protagonists of learning: the successful challenge of the Olamí ORT School in Mexico

Orly Picker and Mariana Litvin at HolonIQ With almost a hundred years of experience, the Olami ORT School of Mexico City it serves nearly 1,200 students ranging from kindergarten through high school. It is one of the most important schools in the city and the way they think and carry out education is undoubtedly a … Read more

Littizzetto and Vecchioni, but also Sting and Wolverine … Those successful careers started teaching at school

The list of famous people who have had a past in the world of teaching is very long and goes to prove when talent is often hidden behind the chairs, too often underestimated. The list that we propose embraces the most varied areas of school teaching, and shows that even from school … Read more

IT at school: it is more successful in the regions with the lowest GDP

ROME – Computer science in Italian schools still remains an aspiration, despite the political proclamations of recent years, but teachers of good will meanwhile do what they can to convey to their pupils at least the rudiments of “computational thinking”, especially in the less rich in the country. This is a fact that emerges from … Read more

“Malcolm”, the successful one where Bryan Cranston showed his talent for comedy, now on Disney +

Images of “Malcolm” There are series that were born to be successful. Malcolm -whose original title is Malcolm in the Middle- was a series that was an absolute success from the first episode. You could say it was the right story at the right time. From episode 1, broadcast in January 2000, the public said … Read more

6 Most Successful Canadian Actresses in Hollywood | Pretty Reel

The Great White North has produced some fine actors, writers, and directors in the entertainment industry over the years, including comedy legends, top stage actors, action heroes, and more. Here, we celebrate Canada’s most successful actresses. The actresses mentioned below started their careers in their humble homeland of Canada and eventually made a name for … Read more