Aude: Capendu inaugurates an outsourced teaching unit within the primary school

The association for adults and young people with disabilities (APAJH) of Aude inaugurated on Friday January 27, in the presence of all the actors who participated in this concretization, the new outsourced teaching unit (UEE) deployed within the primary school of Capendu, to promote the inclusion of students in so-called “ordinary” environments. Coralie and Jordan … Read more

Is the Finnish school system better than the Italian one? Lights and shadows on the two teaching methods

Do you know the story of the finnish mom ended up in all the newspapers because of his inexorable ‘j’accuse’ against the Italian school? Well, net of any controversy, we thought this story could be a good opportunity to make a comparison between the two education systems and not only. So, we went to ask … Read more

Scientific community and teachers will promote science teaching in schools across the country

The Articulation and Audiovisual Content Directorate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation relaunched the program “Scientists and scientists go to schools – LCVE”. This initiative, in which 18 institutions from 14 provinces will participate, it will be developed in 290 schools and will involve more than 600 teachers and 290 researchers whose works … Read more

Two teachers: “Never seen such immature pupils. It is believed that teachers can solve everything with understanding but teaching is tiring”

There has been talk of a real one for some time post Covid educational emergencygiven the numerous episodes of violence and that they see very young protagonists evidently grappling with a severe discomfort and malaise. Teachers, as they told us, often find themselves dealing with complex situations: for this reason many of them feel almost … Read more

Excerpts from “Finir prof”, by Mara Goyet: “Teaching is not about taking a quick trip to a classroom. It is to last »

A history and geography teacher in college for twenty-five years, Mara Goyet continues to write her great saga about college. After Colleges of France (Fayard, 2003), Tomb for college (Flammarion, 2008) and rough college (Flammarion, 2012), the teacher publishes a much more personal book where she recounts page after page her happiness in teaching. At … Read more

To enhance the teaching of science in school

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation relaunched the program “Scientists go to schools”. An initiative in coordination with representatives of Education, Science and Technology of the provincial governments, which will be developed in 290 schools in the country and will involve more than 600 teachers and 290 researchers whose work will … Read more

School, Valditara: «Classes of 10 pupils against school dropout». All the news, from tutors to personalized teaching

The Minister of Education Joseph Vallettara he assures that to counter the early school leaving emergency “from January I will go to schools that are actually difficult to understand, there are situations where parents do not voluntarily send their children to school and it is very serious”. In an interview with the Republic the minister … Read more

The new teaching spaces of the “Monumento ai Caduti” Kindergarten have been inaugurated

The inauguration was held this morning which was attended by the Mayor, Michele Guerra, the Prefect, Antonio Lucio Garufi, the President of the Board of Directors of the School, Secondo Gola and the Vice President of FISM Parma, Michele Pozzi. The novelties brought about by the works were illustrated in detail by the coordinator of … Read more

The teaching of religion in secular schools: what results?

This year marks 20 years of “Debray report”, presented in February 2002 to the Socialist Minister of National Education, Jack Lang. His key proposal was to establish a “teaching of religious facts” in public and secular schools. While the 2022 edition of the secularism daylet’s come back to this initiative which had had an important … Read more

What characteristics will the next generation schools have? How to lay the foundations for the teaching of the future

What will the school of the future look like? It is not possible to make entirely accurate predictions. What can be done is certainly to trace, in the present, a road, a path to create strong foundations on which to start according to certain criteria: innovation, sustainability and regeneration of spaces and teaching. ENROLL YOUR … Read more