Cartagena will live its Carnival in a big tent in Plaza Mayor

The Carnival return to the streets of Cartagenaand it does so back to normal, without sanitary restrictions and loaded with novelties, such as the installation of a large tent in Plaza Mayor that will host different events and that it will have bars so that the people of Cartagena “can have a beer”, according to … Read more

A day with “the 100” of Canta Conmigo Now: how is the coexistence in the dressing room tent of the juries, between rounds of mate and music

Behind the studio where Sing with Me Now is recorded, a tent serves as a dressing room for more than 80 members of the jury (Photos: RS) Polka studies in Don Torcuato, 1:00 p.m. carry-on or bag in hand, the jurors begin to arrive Sing with me now. Far from the extravagant looks seen on … Read more