Historical figure: Fondos Cultura 2023 will allocate more than 5 billion pesos to 412 cultural projects in the Valparaíso Region

· Between the beneficiaries are the youalleres de Kai Kai de la Treasure Humano Vivo Isabel Pakarati; the Tsonami Sound Art Festival; a trolley on Cerro Playa Ancha; improvements to the equipment of the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso; and the Malabicirco International Congress. A total of $ 5,160,957,766 million reached this year the delivery of … Read more

Inaugural week of FESMTYD 2022 will receive filmmakers from different regions in Valparaíso

Inauguration will be on Thursday, November 17 at Insomnia Teatro Condell with the exhibition of “Históricas” and “Disforia Fútbol Club” and the presence of its filmmakers. The samples of the selection of Short Films, Feature Films and Latin American Focus will continue until November 27 at the Valparaíso Cultural Park, Insomnia Teatro Condell and will … Read more

In an interactive workshop, girls and boys from Valparaíso learn about rail and road safety

Activity is part of the National Campaign for Education and Railway Safety of EFE and had the active participation of Conaset, Municipality of Valparaíso, Carabineros de Chile and Local Service of Public Education. Boys and girls from schools in Valparaíso were the protagonists of an interactive workshop organized by EFE -within the framework of its … Read more

SLEP Valparaíso establishments receive environmental certification of excellence

Four Buenos Aires public education campuses stood out at the provincial level for their curriculum, management and connection with the environment. Environmental awareness is probably one of the most urgent matters to work on at an educational level. With the planet seriously threatened by the effects of climate change, learning what we can do to … Read more

Part “Intersectoral Board of Education and Welfare” in the Valparaíso region

In its first session, the Intersectoral Board of Education and Welfare of the Valparaíso region brought together more than 20 representatives of public institutions, services and universities with the aim of implementing an intersectoral articulation system that coordinates strategies and capacities at the regional, provincial and and communal, as a comprehensive response to the requirements … Read more

Medical Association decides to pass Minister Yarza to the ethics court for a complaint of torture at the Valparaíso Psychiatric Hospital

The relationship between the Minister of Health, María Begoña Yarza, and the Medical College adds a new chapter after the complaint filed by the health portfolio against the Psychiatric Hospital of Salvador de Valparaíso for alleged torture of patients. Despite the minister’s attempts to rectify the accusation and restore relations, the union decided this afternoon … Read more