Saltillense Youth Institute opens doors to children in vulnerable situations

For more than 50 years, the Saltillo Youth Institute shelters, advises and cares for children who for different reasons are vulnerable. Currently, it has 37 males between the ages of six and 17 who live from Sunday to Friday in the facilities of the La Libertad neighborhood, where they receive food, transportation to school and … Read more

CELAM enacts Institutional Policy for the Care and Protection of Minors and Vulnerable People

Celam recognizes its responsibility to ensure the integrity of all the people to whom the pastoral action encompassed by its mission is directed. Celam’s “Institutional Care and Protection Policy” will enter into force ad experimentum for three years The regulatory framework will cover the members of the institution and related organizations that do not have … Read more

Nadia Valenzuela: the teacher who promotes and develops scientific skills in girls and boys in vulnerable situations

With a herbarium in hand, created by her own father, since she was little she felt attracted to nature, outer space and care for the environment. This is how her desire to teach and bring science closer to people led her to study Basic General Pedagogy. Within the course of her career, she reaffirmed her … Read more

Kindia: the FDSI offers school kits and food to vulnerable and destitute households

The national campaign to distribute school kits and food to needy families continues across Guinea. After the city of Kankan, in Upper Guinea, where the kick-off was given, it was the governorate of Kindia which served as the framework yesterday, Saturday October 22, 2022, for this gesture of the Social Development Fund and the ‘Indigence … Read more

“Caminos de tizas” has been bringing community, intercultural and bilingual education to vulnerable populations in Misiones for more than five years

Although “Chalk Paths”, promoted by its founder, teacher Julio Pereyra, has existed for eight years, it has been working for five years in fourteen missionary communities, with children with and without disabilities, and also with their families and local educational leaders. . With the purpose of making visible the reality of the communities of northwestern … Read more

Hackers and cybercrimes, we are all vulnerable

In the face of malicious actors Urgent, reinforce security in devices and computers, recommends Anahiby Becerril, of Legal Research Daniel Robles&nbsp&nbsp Oct 10, 2022 ANDhe significant increase in cyber attacks that has been recorded in recent months, not only in Mexico but in the world, is a wake-up call to strengthen security in all digital … Read more

The City Council reinforces health promotion in the most vulnerable population and with inequalities

Salamanca City Council continues to develop various programs through the Municipal School of Health to make Salamanca an even healthier city with a better quality of life. During this course, the promotion of health in the population with inequalities has been reinforced, according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), so that physical, … Read more

A support project for vulnerable students renewed at Denise

The tutoring and mentoring project At the heart of my success, intended to support vulnerable students, will return to École Denise-Pelletier in Rivière-des-Prairies at the start of the school year. Launched in 2021 by teachers of 6e year, this initiative helped 16 “vulnerable” students, affected by academic delay and a “lack of motivation since the … Read more

No school, no food: 19 centers remain open in Malaga to feed the most vulnerable

Children, this morning at CEIP Palma Palmilla, having lunch. / SOUTH The ‘summer schools’ program serves 1,196 minors and guarantees that they can enjoy three meals a day For two weeks, schools and institutes have been closed until the start of the new academic year in September. For many families with few resources, this poses … Read more