WEEKLY EL TIEMPO PERGAMINO What is Jorge Foster’s life like? Optician, collector and disseminator of Irish culture

&nbspMonday, January 30, 2023 In addition to being an internationally recognized ophthalmologist, he is dedicated to social activities in vintage cars and the dissemination of the customs of the Irish people in our country. The doctor Jorge Foster is a specialist in Ophthalmology, with a recognized prestige in Pergamino and the region. He has been … Read more


Resistant School: the appointment on Saturday 17 December 2022 with our collaborator, Stefano Bertoldi, of the Cobas Scuola. Guest of the episode Renata Puleo editor of Roars and founder of the teacher-parent collective NiNaNd@ (No Invalsi, No school-work alternation, No distance learning) Christian Laval, sociologist and pedagogue critical of the capitalist model even in its … Read more

‘Christmas Show’, the gift of Colegio La Sierra for Valledupar | La Calle Weekly

As every year, La Sierra Internacional School (LASIS) of Valledupar, will offer a night of joy and joy to all the inhabitants of the city, who enjoy this great event, where smiles, imagination and dreams come true. they seize those who witness the magic of the parade. There are more than 500 children, parents, and … Read more

Oaxaca will be on the weekly billboard of El Colegio Nacional

Newsroom/Quadratin Oaxaca Members Felipe Leal, Christopher Domínguez Michael and Eusebio Juaristi lead the activities that will take place at the headquarters of El Colegio Nacional. For his part, Luis Felipe Rodríguez Jorge and Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi will carry out virtual activities. at the book launch Collected essays 1983-2012 (El Colegio Nacional, 2022) Christopher Domínguez Michael, … Read more

Manuel Monestel delivers 40 years of research to the Musical Historical Archive • University Weekly

The UCR will safeguard and project a large group of documents, the product of the inquiries made by the musician and composer around national music, in its different aspects, including those that emerge with that unmistakable spirit of the Caribbean Notes, manuscripts, books, cassettes, compact discs, recordings, press references and photographs are part of the … Read more

School bullying: barbarism of a society without values ​​• University Weekly

Sometimes, when I have to draw on the baggage of personal memories, in order to argue an opinion, I feel two things that, honestly, deeply discourage me. On the one hand, the fact that there are people, even very close and that I love, who do not understand that this is to give context to … Read more