Saltillense Youth Institute opens doors to children in vulnerable situations

For more than 50 years, the Saltillo Youth Institute shelters, advises and cares for children who for different reasons are vulnerable. Currently, it has 37 males between the ages of six and 17 who live from Sunday to Friday in the facilities of the La Libertad neighborhood, where they receive food, transportation to school and … Read more

France Télévisions will shoot a daily series on rural youth in Brittany

After “More beautiful life” in Marseille, or “Such a great sun” in Montpellier, France Télévisions continues its tour of France. His next daily series will be shot in Brittany, in a former agricultural school in Étrelles, near Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine). An ambitious project that wants to highlight the complexity of the challenges of the agricultural and … Read more

At the Youth Democrats’ Policy Thursdays we talked about school |

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – The Young Democrats of Corigliano-Rossano are now meeting again, now punctually and periodically, in their discussion meetings on “Politics Thursdays”. In the last weekly appointment, school and youth participation in politics were discussed. The meeting, open to members, was introduced by the city secretary of the PD, Francesco Madeo, who expressed his appreciation … Read more

The Youth Volunteer Program: Long live the School!

We receive the new year with refreshing and encouraging news. The Ministry of National Education has called on Normal Schools, undergraduate programs and other university careers to participate in an ambitious and bold youth volunteer program to mitigate the impact that the pandemic had on the increase in the so-called learning gaps. This is a … Read more

The Minister of National Education and Youth Pap Ndiaye announces the first measures to raise the level of students and begin the transformation of the college

Although the results of pupils leaving elementary school have improved over the past five years, in particular for pupils’ ability to read aloud fluently, they are still insufficient: on entering 6th grade, 27% of pupils do not have the expected level in French, nearly a third in mathematics. Barely one in two pupils can read … Read more

Youth health and academic success | More physical education, please!

We learned in The Press recently, conclusive and compelling data, that the level of cardiorespiratory endurance of young people aged 6 to 17 has been declining for 40 years.1 As a reminder, this determinant of physical condition is a scientifically recognized predictor of an individual’s future cardiovascular health. Posted at 9:00 a.m. Richard Knight Physical … Read more

Eure. In Gaillon, 700 schoolchildren and college students elected their representatives of the Municipal Youth Council

By Editorial L’Impartial Published on 27 Dec 22 at 12:01 The Impartial See my news Follow this media The schoolchildren and college students of Gaillon (Eure) have appointed 24 of them to sit on the Municipal Youth Council, as here at the Louise Michel school where 77 children went to the polls. ©The Impartial Just … Read more

More than 16,000 schoolchildren from Huelva will pass through the Children’s and Youth Section of the Film Festival

Three days after the inauguration of the 48th edition and with registrations still open, More than 16,000 spectators from the Huelva educational centers have already confirmed that they will pass through the rooms of the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival to see any of the six films programmed in the Children’s and Youth Section. In the … Read more

Who are the youth stars who succeeded in Hollywood in 2022

Although they already had projects in the middle, it was not until 2022 that they achieved world fame. (Special Infobae: Jovani Pérez) This 2022 the international entertainment industry resumed its course after spending approximately two years detained by the pandemic COVID-19. They were 12 months full of surprises due to the expected releases of films … Read more

‘Identity’ and ‘La caja’ winners of the IV FestiLIJ3C Novel Contest for children’s and youth literature and illustrated album of Tres Cantos

Premieres in the Odeon Tres Cantos Cinema for Friday, December 16: AVATAR. THE SENSE OF WATER ( ACTION ) In Avatar: The Sense of Watersequel to Avatar (2009), we move ten years after the first battle of Pandora between the Na’vi and humans, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) lives peacefully with his family and his tribe. … Read more